Rubber parts manufacturing

Pro-Flex Rubber has the means, capacity, equipment, and expertise to sequentially integrate parts to create a wide range of rubber-coated parts.
Over the years, Pro-Flex Rubber has made a name for itself as a leading supplier of rubber parts, including railway passenger cars, intercar diaphragms (train gangway), high-voltage electrical connectors, and electrical insulation components (dielectric materials).

Rubber splicing solutions

Since 2005, Pro-Flex Rubber has been manufacturing high-quality rubber extrusions for the mass transit industry and other industries. Extruded profiles can be custom-cut and spliced to suit your needs.

Extruded profile splicing is one of Pro-Flex’s specialities. This process is used for applications that require o-rings, for example, or seamless gaskets for frames.

There are three types of splicing:

Rubber cold splicing

This process can be fast and inexpensive, depending on the complexity of the profile or the seal’s shape. The spliced seals will be strong and their properties will differ from the materials used in the profile.

Rubber hot splicing

This is the industry standard when aesthetics are as important as toughness. The use of rubber-based glue requires vulcanization, a process that takes longer than cold splicing and requires specialized machinery and tools.

Rubber injection splicing

Using sophisticated tools, Pro-Flex Rubber creates a mould that contains various parts of a seal or gasket. A polymer is then injected into the mould cavity to connect all parts. The process allows for much greater detail work on the seal.

Electrical insulation

Pro-Flex Rubber is known for the quality of its dielectrical rubber components, which are used by a multinational company in the field of electrical connectors.

Electrical connectors

Pro-Flex Rubber assembles copper parts to form connectors covered with dielectrical rubber insulation.

These rubber-insulated high-voltage connectors meet and exceed the industry’s highest safety and performance standards.

Rubber diaphragms

Pro-Flex Rubber has developed extensive expertise in manufacturing intercar doorways parts for the mass transit industry. Three types of high-performance diaphragms are available for suburban and intercity trains.
Some of our clients in the mass transit sector:

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