Mass transit industry

Pro-Flex Rubber has made a name for itself as an expert in designing and manufacturing moulded and extruded rubber parts.

Since it was founded in 1989, Pro-Flex Rubber has quickly become a major supplier of rubber parts in the mass transit industry.

Pro-Flex Rubber has developed extensive expertise in manufacturing intercar doorways parts for the mass transit industry. Three types of high-performance diaphragms are available for suburban and intercity trains.

Pro-Flex Rubber manufactures moulded and extruded rubber parts that meet the U.S. Federal Railway Administration (FRA—part 238) fire, smoke, and toxicity standards.

Our specialized public transit products

Face-Plate Diaphragm

Accordion Diaphragm

Tubular Diaphragm

Connectors, rubber insulations and rubber seals

All of our specialized rubber parts for trains

Our mass transit expertise also applies to a variety of products:

  • die-cut seals
  • wire clamps
  • window and door extrusions
  • subfloor anti-vibration pads
  • intercar bellows (diaphragms).

Place the mouse on the car image to see where are detailed images below.

2- Rubber Central connector boot

Rubber Cable cleat

3- Rubber Cable cleat

4- Rubber anti-vibration mounts

5- Rubber strips


6- Rubber window seals

Rubber boot

7- Rubber bellows (Boot)


8- Rubber door seals


9- Rubber insulation sleeves


10- Dust seal protector


11- Rubber-insulated covers

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