Hockey pucks

As a result of the acquisition of Lindsay Rubber, Pro-Flex Rubber is now in a position to offer several sports product lines such as hockey pucks. All made in our Canadian plants using top-quality materials and equipment.

Pro-Flex Rubber now has the capacity to produce any type of hockey puck you may want to order: white 6-oz. training pucks, orange 10-oz. pucks, blue 4-oz. pucks, or non-marking pucks. Our compression moulding process uses both standard moulds and moulds completely custom-made to meet your needs.


Hockey pucks that meet your needs

Thanks to our new acquisition, our engineering department can help you develop a custom mould for your hockey pucks. Not only that, the type of rubber used makes it easier to print your pucks, so they can be customized. Choose 100% Canadian hockey pucks proudly made in our Canadian plants.

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